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Powertex(In Europe "Suprime")

Round Slings

Powertex(In Europe "Suprime") ROUND SLING is made up of two materials of Polyarylate fibers and UHMWPE fibers.
Although fiber sling, but because of its tensile strength is stronger and softer than Wire rope, Designed for easy and does not hurt the cargo can lift.

Powertex(In Europe "Suprime") Round Sling is used in both small and large cargo lifting purposes on behalf of a wire rope slings and chains.

The recently developed special fiber is a special material used in armor, bulletproof gloves, space suit, etc. It is widely used in industry as a round sling material because its function is strong and soft.


Benefit of Powertex

(In Europe "Suprime") roundsling

Powertex(In Europe "Suprime") round sling prepared specifically for heavy duty lifting the cargo is when lifting operations has many advantages as follows:

  • The best safety ;​​

        Because of the lightweight, easy to bend
        When storing or removing less discomfort, as well as storage space is smaller
        Because it is easy to handle
        Risks that occur when you use a heavier wire rope sling is also relatively reduced to.

  • Optimal handling efficiency

        For example, when lifting into 50ton 10M length
        Wire rope sling and weighing 280kg, the weight of the Powertex roundsling
        It is only 34kg.
        Therefore Powertex roundsling is lighter Reducing working hours and

        working personnel and economic benefits can be created.

  • Scratch resistance of the finished goods

    Powertex roundsling is because the special fabric made of a soft material
       It does not hurt to adapt cargo.
       A separate scratch-proof protectors in any cargo
       Even if you do not use does not injure the wounds of scratches on products
      Can freely be working in a small space.

Structure of Powertex

(In Europe "Suprime") roundsling

Powertex round sling consists of the Core thread , Sleeves and Protection pad.

Sleeves :                   Sleeves Sleeves are made up of internal and external 2ply Sleeves,
                                 Depending on the type
                                 of wear-resistant Sleeves Sleeves,Heat-resistant Sleeves,
                                 Anti-cutting Sleeves, Transparent Sleeves and more

Protection pad :      Protection pad is typically as follows: a VELCRO TYPE
                                 It is used.
                                 Protection pad of a special case SLEEVES TYPE
                                 you could also use.

Powertex (In Europe "Suprime")

Round Slings

Efficiency of use

  • Light Weight


       Powertex Round Sling is about

       the  weight of Wire Rope 1/10

       lighter handling is very easy.

Simplication of operations:

the lighter weight of the cargo lifting round sling itself should

simplify and reduce the risk of injury.

Quick cargo lifting: lightweight, highly flexible cargo lifting shortens the time.

Reduction in labor :

Heavy cargo lifting when using the Wire Rope work needs to be mobilized during the operation,

but a number of people or equipment POWER TEX RoundSling

can also easily by one or two people.

Damage to the cargo (damage) Reduction:

soft fiber material during cargo lifting tasks no damage to the cargo.


SWL Table



Do not use horizontal angles less than 30 degrees except as recommended
by the sling manufacturer or a qualified person.The rated load for a sling in a choker hitch is

the value in Table.1
provided that the angle of the choke is 120 degrees or more (see Fig.2).

For angles of choke less than 120 degrees, use the
rated loads provided by Suhbo Ind Co.,Ltd
or a qualified person.For other synthetic round sling materials and for
configurations not shown, use the rated loads
provided by the sling manufacturer or a qualified person.

Fig. 1)


Fig. 2)

Do not use horizontal angles less than 30 degrees except as recommended
by the sling manufacturer or a qualified person.

The rated load for a sling in a choker hitch is the value in Table.1
provided that the angle of the choke is 120 degrees or more (see Fig.2).

  • Inspections:

  • Designate a qualified person(From Suhbo)to inspect
    slings and attachments each day before use for damage or defects.


This qualified person also performs additional
periodic inspections where service conditions warrant,
as determined on the basis of:

Frequency of sling use,

Severity of service conditions,

Nature of lifts being made, and

Experience gained during the service life of slings used in similar circumstances.

Fittings :

Ensure that mechanical fittings used as
part of a synthetic round sling meet the following:

Materials are compatible with the mechanical and environmental requirements of the sling,

Fittings have a rated load at least the same as the round sling,

Fittings have sufficient strength to sustain twice the rated load of the sling without visible permanent deformation, and

Surfaces are clean, and sharp edges are removed.


  • Make a thorough inspection of slings and attachments.
    Items to look for include :


1. Missing or illegible sling identification,

2. Acid or caustic burns,


3. Evidence of heat damage,

4. Holes, tears, cuts, abrasive wear, or snags,
    that expose the core yarn,

5. Broken or damaged core yarns,

6. Welding splatter that exposes core yarns,

7. Knots in the round sling body, except for core yarn knots

    inside the cover,

8. Discoloration and brittle or stiff areas on any part of the sling,.

9. Pitted, corroded, cracked, bent, twisted, gouged, or

     broken fittings, and,

10, Other conditions that cause doubt as to the continued use of the sling.

  • Repair :

Do not use worn or damaged slings or attachments.
Discard or repair them.

​Ensure that the manufacturer or a qualified person performs repairs,

  • Sling Selection :


* For multiple-leg slings used with nonsymmetrical loads, ensure that an analysis

   by a qualified  person is performed to prevent overloading of any leg,

* Ensure that multiple-leg slings are selected according to Table.1 when used at the

   specific angles given in the table. Ensure that operations at other angles are limited to

   rated loads of the next lower angle given in the table or calculated by a qualified person, and

* Ensure that the fitting is the proper shape and size to ensure that it is seated properly

    in the hook or lifting device.

  • Cautions to Personnel :

* Ensure that all portions of the human body are kept away from the areas between the sling

   and the load and between the sling and the crane or hoist hook,

* Ensure that personnel never stand in line with or next to the legs of a sling that is

   under tension,

* Ensure that personnel do not stand or pass under a suspended load,

* Ensure that personnel do not ride the sling or the load, unless the load is specifically

   designed and tested for carrying personnel, and

* Do not use synthetic round slings as bridles on suspended personnel platforms.

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