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Powertex(In Europe "Suprime") multi


Powertex (In Europe "Suprime") multi roundsling makes it easier to maintain and manage round sling by measuring load bearing thread‘s fatigue.


Before and after lifting, You can use more securely and comfortably

through Powertex(In Europe "Suprime")multi roundsling's multi checking system

Powertex(In Europe "Suprime") MULTI Round Sling


Normaly, roundsling is made of load bearing thread and its cover sleeves,

therefore, it's impossible to check any damage in load bearing threads.

Through Powertex(in Europe "Suprime") roundsling's multi-checking system,

You can always check whether the load bearing threads are damaged.


With increasing fatigue of the core thread, depending on the frequency of use of the sling core threade wear damage.

The resistance with a tester on terminal attached to the surface at this time, as shown below you can simply check of the status of the review.

The structure of Powertex

(In Europe "Suprime") MULTI Round Sling

SWL Table

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