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About us

The Challenge for World

Since it was established in 1985,  Suhbo Ind Co.,Ltd has professionally

Manufactured roundsling, Websling and Ratchet Tie Down in addition

to diverse webbings customized for order specifications of customers

and all the products are manufactured in the best quality through perfect

quality management system and effective production management.

Suhbo Ind Co.,Ltd is executing strict quality management by stage over

the whole production process of the company from design, weaving,

Sewing, assembly and inspection to final packing and shipment.

As safety certification marks, Suhbo Ind Co.,Ltd has acquired "S" mark

of Korea, "CE" mark of EU as well as "ISO9001" , Japanese

Industrial Mark(JIS) in 2002 and also the new "JIS" mark in 2008

and also acquired "DNV Type Certification" for Powertex roundsling

in 2014.

The product manufactured by Suhbo Ind Co.,Ltd is covered by product

liability insurance of 200 million Korean Won and Suhbo Ind Co.,Ltd is

guaranteeing safety of the product manufactured by the company to

all the customers.




2002.4    JIS mark acquired

                (1st company outside Japan)

2005.10  Obtained "ISO9001"

2006.2    Obtained "S"mark in Korea

                - POLYESTER ROUND SLING

                  (1 ~40 TON)

                - UHMWPE ROUND SLING

                  (10 ~ 40 TON)

                - POWERTEX ROUND SLING

                  (10~40 TON)

2011.2    - POWERTEX ROUND SLING (2~40 TON)

2008.9     New JIS mark acquired

2011.2     Roundsling patent relates to a

                 method for producing

                 and organizations

2013.11   1000 ton capacity

                  tensile testing machine installation

2014.4     Acquired DNV Type Certification

                (Powertex roundsling, 10ton ~200ton)

2016.6     Start to manufacture the Powertex

                 Anti cutting roundsling and Transparent


          1985 ~1999'S

              1985.9   Established Suhbo Ind Co.,Ltd (Seoul)

              1992.9   Factory Expansion(Yongin city)

              1995.11 Roundsling patent on the

                             manufacturing technology

              1996.6   Best small company by KOTRA

              1996.6   Export the roundsling to

                             Kawasaki steel(Now. JFE steel) till now.

               1999.9  Obtained "S"mark in Korea, "CE"mark in EU

                             Start to export to 8 countries.




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