Powertex (In Europe "Suprime") 

Anti-cutting Roundsling

The biggest disadvantage of fiber sling is weak to edge.

Powertex(in Europe“Suprime”) anti-cutting round sling is the best solution by the demand for fiber sling resistant to edge cutting.


If you are looking for a solution about repetitive lift operations, steel coils and lifting angled products under load, the Powertex(in Europe"Suprime") anti-cutting round sling will be an ideal choice.

Anti-cutting sleeves 

Anti-cutting Sleeves uses UHMWPE, which is used for body armor, bulletproofing, gloves and space suits.


With the development of anti-cutting sleeves and the combination of powertex(in Europe“Suprime”) round sling, Round sling has become available in a wide variety of areas.


Please use the powertex (in Europe "Suprime") anti-cutting roundsling for easier, lighter and safer lifting for angled block lifting, steel coil, steel plate, special steel and turnover work.

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