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Suhbo Industries Co., Ltd was founded in 1985.
Powertex(In Europe "Suprime")round sling made of high strength special fiber yarn as main items manufacturing,

When transporting or lifting cargo in all industries,
we manufacture powertex round sling instead of conventional wire rope sling or chain sling.

Suhbo's Powertex(In Europe "Suprime") round sling, considering the importance of its use, It is manufactured with the highest quality with strict quality control system.


Powertex(In Europe "Suprime") multi roundsling can be used safely

by installing a multi check system which can check the degree of damage of the internal examination

after a certain period of use in the field of use,

Powertex(In Europe "Suprime") anti cutting roundsling has been developed

for EDGE or steel coil applications,

Powertex(In Europe "Suprime") Gold roundsling (anti-flame) that can be used at high temperatures

Powertex(In Europe "Suprime") transparent round sling is also developed which can visually confirm the degree of damage of internal examination

We are responding to various needs at customer's site,

In addition, we produce polyester round sling and websling.

Powertex(In Europe "Suprime") roundsling is designed to be 3 times lighter than polyester roundsling and 10 times lighter than wire rope sling,

This roundsling is optimized for lifting and transporting heavy loads.

Powertex(In Europe "Suprime") multi, trandparent, Gold, Anti-cutting etc. can be used depending on the situation of the site or customer's demand.

Powertex(In Europe "Suprime") multi roundsling arranges core thread and inspection wire together, It is manufactured to check the life and disposal time of the sling.


Before and after lifting,
By confirming availability through multi-check system
Round sling can be managed more reasonably.

Powertex(In Europe "Suprime") anti-cutting roundsling is a solution for the use of angled and sharp parts, which are the disadvantages of synthetic sling.

If you are looking for a lifting solution against repetitive lift operations, steel coils and angled products under load
Powertex(In Europe "Suprime") anti-cutting roundsling will be an ideal choice.

To make on-site inspection easier, we developed transparent round sling.

Through the transparent cover, the user can see the state of the core thread accurately and quickly and judge whether or not the core thread can be used.

For use in workplaces with high temperatures,

Powertex(In Europe "Suprime") Anti Flame round sling is designed

to be able to use the cover and core thread

at 200 degrees Celsius without degrading strength.

Polyester round slings are soft, lightweight
Depending on the customer's request will be produced in each dimension.

Belt slings can be produced at the request of the purchaser, and
Japan's JIS standard, S Korea and specifications, are produced by the European CE standards,

It is strictly controlled in production to shipment

by a thorough quality control system.

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