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Synthetic sling Accessories - Sling Net

*   Size

      OUT LINE : Width 75mm . 2ply

      IN LINE : Width 25mm 1ply

      ​EYE(4ea) : Width 75mm 2ply

  • Example for Use

      Shipbuilding workshop

  • SIZE

       3.2m X 3.2m (HHI site) 

       3.8m X 3.8m

     * SIZE is adjustable. if you need more fuction, please contact us


  • Ensure SWL before use.

  • Do not exceed SWL on Lable

  • For lifting, please check its balance for safety

  • Do not lift edge products. (if you use edge product, please use protection pad)

  • ​Do not use damaged sling net.



How to use

Sling Net use when lifting contains the shipyard paints,

cables, fertilizer, grain sacks and the like.


Suhbo Industries's sling net is used when sewing a sling for export to Japan
In others can not see through the meticulous work and sewing
It offers a more robust and durable high-quality products.

The main material of high-strength belt yarn is dyed polyester yarns.
It does not go through the dyeing process, no bleaching phenomenon
This also does not fall to the water wet dye can be identified from a distance towing operations.

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